For your glass projects that are done in black or dark colors, white glass decals are ideal for giving those pieces an extra special touch. These are less common than the black decals, but they can be an important and special addition to any project that you are working on.

Are you working on a project with a springtime or flowery theme? The white flower pattern of white glass decals at Jubilee Creative will be a special addition to your project. Flowers are symbolic of birth, spring and other positive things so these white flower patters are ideal for getting that idea across to the people who look at your works of art.

If there is someone special in your life who enjoys music, the white music decals would make a great addition to a glass gift that you are giving to them. You can make a glass ornament for their Christmas tree and put a white music decal on the ornament to show that you put some extra time and thought into the gift.

In addition to those, there are two sheets of white Tree of Life decals that you can add to your glass artwork. Trees are symbolic of life so adding one of these white glass decals to your artwork will give it a spiritual touch as well as an extra touch of art.

If you want to simply add some design to your project, the white paisley pattern decals are an ideal way to do that. You don’t always have to have a theme for your art projects and sometimes you just want to add something that isn’t symbolic. If this is the case, simply add some paisley glass decals to your project.

The white glass decals that you can find at Jubilee Creative will fit on surface areas that are larger than 1.5 inches. The decals themselves measure between 1 and 1.5 inches so if your project is larger, you can be sure that these will fit nicely. The decals are made from lead-free enamel so you don’t have to worry about toxicity when using and firing these up on your project in the kiln.

Jubilee Creative has a variety of quality glass decals that you can use for your art projects. We take pride in our quality and workmanship so you can purchase any products from our website with confidence. Check out our full inventory to see what we have for you!