Warm glass, which is often used to refer to fused glass, is a hobby that many people are enjoying these days. It offers a chance to be creative while doing something unique that most people don’t even know about. Dabbling in warm glass is fairly inexpensive as well, especially when you get your products and supplies from Jubilee Creative. Here are a few things you can get to foster your creative side.

Confetti is an essential part of any warm glass hobby tool box. At Jubilee Creative, you can get two-ounce bags of glass confetti in a variety of colors. These bags of shards of colored glass are ideal for glass blowing and fusing alike. With the many colors that are available, the creative possibilities are endless. You can create so many things using these bags of glass confetti such as collages, leaves and so much more. They are great for adding a background color to your creation or just for adding a splash of color for a truly unique and personalized design. In addition to the many colors you can choose from, you can also decide between opaque and translucent confetti depending on your project and specific designing needs.

For those fine details and lines that you need to add to your warm glass design, the Earth Glass outline tip kit can help you. It comes with a one-ounce bottle of ink along with two black tips, a tip cleaner and a syringe for those extra fine details. You can also choose from a variety of glass paints to help you design. Fusing glass paint from Jubilee Creative comes in many colors and it is lead-free and non-toxic. The jars that these warm glass paints come in are 25 gram jars and the paints can be used on most types of glass.

What warm glass hobby tool box would be complete without a wide selection of glass to choose from? At Jubilee Creative, you can choose from a variety of fusible glass options which are created and manufactured by the Spectrum Glass Company so you know you are getting a quality product. The glass from this company is known to be easier to work with and easier to fuse than the glass manufactured by most other companies. With the wide selection and unique designs, you are sure to find a variety of fusible glass pieces that you can add to your warm glass hobby collection.