With Valentine’s Day coming up, there are many options available to you to let your creativity flow. What better way to show your loved one how much you love them than by creating something for them with your bare hands. There are so many things that you can do with your bare hands to show your love for someone. Here are some Valentine’s Day glass art gifts from around the web that will make this year a Valentine’s Day to remember.




The Glass Smooch glass art piece is a great idea to give someone that you love. This particular Valentine’s Day handmade crafted item is made from pink colored glass and it looks like a Hershey’s Kiss once it is finished and it has a hand painted red heart in the center of it. These glass Smooches stand about 1.5 inches tall and they are about 1.25 inches wide at the bottom of the piece. The top has a closed loop so if your loved one wants to wear it with their necklace, they can show off the handcrafted glass art that you gave to them. These glass smooches make great gifts for moms, wives, daughters, grandmothers and any other special lady that is in your life.


If you are going to make anything with your glass art creativity and skills, one of the first things you will have to do is to get a pattern. There are several patterns to choose from depending on the type of glass creation that you want to make. Why not make some fusible glass plates decorated with glass hearts of different sizes and colors? With this craft project, you would need a few supplies, including glue, rubbing alcohol, a lint-free cloth, grinder, diamond nail file, abrasive stone and a diamond coated sanding sponge. First, clean the glass by using the rubbing alcohol. You can also use a plain dishwashing detergent. Dry the glass and set it aside so it can completely dry in the air. Next, prep the kiln by applying a kiln wash to the shelf. Then put a drop of glue on the white glass squares and place it in the kiln. Allow this piece to fuse and then turn the kiln off.


The next step in this project is to assemble the different sized hearts – one on top of the other – with a couple drops of glue. Place the hearts on the shelf of the prepared kiln until they are fused together. Allow the kiln to cool before opening it once the fusing is completed. Put the mold on small posts so it is slightly elevated in the kiln. This will help the air flow around the piece during the slumping process. Once it has finished fusing, turn the kiln off and allow the project to cool off before you open the kiln door which can crack or damage the project by letting it cool down too fast.


A third Valentine’s Day glass art project that you can create is a vase for that special lady in your life. But why stop there? Make a customized vase to hold the dozen roses that you get for her. If you aren’t sure if you can make a vase from scratch, start off with a glass vase that is premade and customize it for your girlfriend, wife, mom, grandmother or other special person in your life. One unique way to customize the glass vase is to cover it with fabric ribbon. To do this, find some Valentine’s Day themed ribbon to begin with. Choose a few different styles to create a special look that she will lover. First, cut a piece of the fabric ribbon that is large enough to cover the entire vase, or the section of the vase that you want to cover. Fold the edges of the fabric ribbon and then iron all of the edges. Next, cut another piece of fabric and fold the edges as you did with the first piece. Apply a fine line of glue to the top of the first piece and the bottom edge of the second piece. Layer these two pieces along the glue line. Next, apply a fine line of glue to one end of each side. Press to vase so they will stick. Apply some glue to the edge on the other side and overlap it over the first edge. To make sure the glue dries in place, use a clothespin to hold the edges together until they are dried.


You can buy your lady something special for Valentine’s Day and do the same thing every year and she will be happy. But just think of the smile you can put on her face by going through the extra effort of making her something that she will appreciate. Try it this year and you’ll be glad that you did.