Finding the best translucent noodles and stringers for your latest glass projects just got easier with the selection available at Jubilee Creative. With several colors to choose from and the affordable prices, you simply can’t go wrong by shopping the inventory.

If you are just a beginner in your glass creations hobby, you may not know what glass noodles and stringers are used for. Typically, you can use your translucent noodles and stringers as vibrant accents to your creation. Because they only measure between 1.2mm and 4.5mm wide, they are very small and thin so they can fit in with any project that you are working with. The glass “noodles,” which are the thicker of the two, resemble the size of a Fettuccini noodle while the thinner “stringers” look more like spaghetti noodles because of their extremely thin size.

What are your favorite glass projects to work on? Do you enjoy making vases? Or do you like making unique dishes that you can display in your home? Whatever your pleasure is with your glass hobby and your projects, translucent noodles and stringers can add another aspect to your project’s appearance. Since they are very thin pieces of colored glass, adding one to your creation isn’t going to overwhelm or take over the appearance. In fact, adding a translucent noodle or stringer can bring out the colors by complementing them perfectly.

With each package of translucent glass noodles and stringers from Jubilee Creative, you will receive about 40 stringers and about 10 noodles. And you can choose your colors, too. Choose from dark blue, cherry red, amber, purple, dark green, moss green, olive green, orange or yellow. You can also choose the Mardi Gras mix which has several different vibrant colors that will certainly add a unique touch to any glass project that you are working on.

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