If you are looking for translucent glass frit, Jubilee Creative is the online source for all of your needs. For beginners who do not know what glass frit is, it is a composition of ceramic materials that are fused in a special kiln. This creation then forms a glass which is then granulated to form very small pieces which are called “frit.”

Frit can come in various sizes which range from tiny granules as small as Kosher salt granules to granules as small as talcum powder with several size in between. One of the best things about translucent glass frit is that you can use various colors simultaneously to achieve a theme. For instance, if you are making a 4th of July project, you can use red, white and blue translucent glass frit in your project for a patriotic theme. If you are creating projects for Christmas, you can use red and green translucent glass frit. Other holidays that are ideal for creating translucent glass projects are St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day and others. With the variety of colors of translucent glass frit at Jubilee Creative, you can let your imagination run wild and make great gifts, decorations or other projects.

When you purchase translucent glass frit from Jubilee Creative, you can expect quality. All of the glass that has been salvaged to make has been separated from other glass pieces in order to ensure the purest frit with the highest expansion capabilities. You can find translucent glass frit at Jubilee Creative in four different consistencies. The powder form of translucent glass frit measures between .13mm and .25mm. For a fine frit, the pieces measure anywhere between .25mm and .75mm. You can also choose the medium consistency which measure between .75mm and 2.5mm or the coarse options with measures 2.5mm to 7.6mm.

Each jar of translucent glass frit that you purchase from Jubilee Creative comes in jars of 8.5 ounces. The product can be used in nearly any type of glass project, including glass blowing, fusing and casting, just to name a few. You can even create more dramatic effects by mixing different sizes of translucent glass frit together.

One of the most important things to remember when working with translucent glass frit is that your project may require two firings. In fact, this is often the safest and best way to get a good finished product because if you try to fire the frit on the glass before the glass has been fired, the frit could run and create a messy look. When working with these materials, it is best to have a great deal of patience.

If you are going to create designs or pictures with your translucent glass frit, you should first tape your design on the backside of the glass piece. Put on a pair of rubber gloves to avoid getting any oils or dirt from your hands onto the glass project. Next, use glue to trace the outline of your design. You can dilute some glues with water. Use one teaspoon of water for each tablespoon of glue and put the mixture in a bottle with a fine tip that will allow you to outline. You should try to achieve consistent lines on your outline by applying even pressure.

Once you have your outline on your glass piece, you can sprinkle the translucent glass frit over the project. Cover the entire pattern and don’t be afraid to use too much frit. The translucent glass frit pieces that are not on the glue outline will shake off. Allow the glue to dry for several minutes and then tip the entire glass piece on its edge over a clean sheet of paper. You can shake the project gently so the translucent glass frit pieces will fit into the different areas of the outline. Any frit that has fallen to the paper can be returned to its original container for later use in another project. You should allow the project to dry for several hours or you can use a blow dryer on the project to help it dry faster. Once everything is dry, you can add other colors of translucent glass frit if you need to. Simply repeat the steps and then fire it according to the glass directions to give it that finished look that you want to see.

There are several colors of translucent glass frit that you can choose from when you shop for these materials on Jubilee Creative. Some of the colors include cherry red, light green, light orange, light purple, pale gray, light blue, olive green, tangerine orange and steel blue, among others. Since these products are manufactured by a reputable manufacturer, you can expect great quality and great prices when you shop at Jubilee Creative. Check us out today for all of your translucent glass frit and other glass hobby needs.