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Firing clay is a requirement for many projects and in order for your creation to turn out correctly, it is important to know how to use a kiln properly and effectively. There are two main ways to fire something in a kiln and the way you use depends on what your project requires.

One method is ideal for glazing the pieces in your project. This is called a bisque. With this method, the heat from the kiln actually changes the molecular structure of the clay. This makes the clay hardened and it no longer breaks down when it gets wet. This also makes the creation more durable so it can last for many years to come.

The second type of firing method melts and fuses the glaze to the surface of the clay. This helps prepare the material for future firings and it helps strengthen the pots for added durability.

When firing your clay in a kiln, there are several things to remember for a successful project. Before you start a project, make sure to clean out the kiln. It is especially important to clean out the element grooves after about 20 uses or if you are going to use the kiln after a piece has blown up inside. This will help keep your newest project looking its best and it is also ideal for safety purposes.

You should also be sure to ensure your own safety when using your kiln. You should always wear kiln gloves or mitts if you are going to work with a kiln if it is cooling off or firing up. It can take several hours for a kiln to cool completely even if it does not have any power running to it. Also, remember to wear dark safety glasses when looking into kiln holes. These types of safety glasses will help protect your eyes from the radiant heat that is emitted from the heat of the kiln.

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