When you are working with glass, the possibilities are endless. There are so many things you can create that you are only limited by your imagination. And at Jubilee Creative, you can find all the supplies and glass paints that you need for just about any project that you want to undertake.

Glass fusing is rising in popularity and people are realizing the awesome creations that they can make from glass. And spirit glass helps make your projects even more creative looking. One method you can use to create something unique is combing glass. This is a process that is typically reserved for the advanced glass artist because much of it takes place inside the kiln while it is at high temperatures. Essentially, combing glass involves “combing” a stainless steel tool along the surface of the glass. This helps bring out the different colors in the glass so they create “streaks” in the glass piece for a truly unique end product.

Glass draping is another technique you can do with spirit glass. For this technique, you can use either a round piece of glass or a square piece of glass. The end product is a fused piece of glass art that looks similar to slumping. In slumping, though, the glass folds into a mold. With draping glass, the difference is that the glass melts around the outside of a mold or object. It’s always best to use a stainless steel mold to avoid breaking or cracking.

At Jubilee Creative, you can find several options in terms of colors of spirit glass pieces. The Monterrey spirit glass piece combines shades of white and gray while the Murano combines black and white. Other colors include the Philly which has shades of orange and blue combined with white and the Seattle style combines white with shades of blue and green. Other styles include the Sedona, the Rio and the Vienna. These spirit glass pieces come in two sizes – 12 inches by 6 inches or 12 inches by 12 inches – so you can choose the size that best fits the needs of your current project. And since these spirit glass pieces are manufactured by the Spectrum Glass Company, you can expect the best quality for a reasonable price. Whatever glass project you are working on, adding some color with one of these spirit glass pieces available at Jubilee Creative is a great way to make something that will impress everyone.