Snowflakes are some of the most fun shapes to work with because there is a wide variety to choose from. The COE96 fusible snowflakes that you find at Jubilee Creative are not any different. The COE96 fusible snowflakes in our inventory come in two different sizes. The small ones measure about 1.25 inches in diameter while the larger size measures about 2.75 inches in diameter. These white opaque snowflakes are about 3mm thick and they are ideal for a variety of glass projects designed with the winter time in mind.

When working with glass fusing and other glass projects, there are some tips to keep in mind for a better finished product. For one thing, it is important to cut the piece of glass accurately before you fire the glass. An accurate cut is essential for a smooth edge and a proper fit if it is one piece of several pieces of a project. It’s also important to ensure that the glass you are working with is clean of debris, oils and other things that can make the finish less than perfect. Wash your glass project with a mild detergent and plenty of water to get it clean. Also, be sure to dry it thoroughly and only handle it by the edges to avoid getting any of the skin’s oils or dirt on it between washing it and working on it.

When firing your glass project in the kiln, you may need to recoat the kiln shelf with a coat of primer before you fire your project. If the previous coat is still in good condition, you may be able to use it more than once. However, once the coat of primer begins to show signs of wear, you should scrape the coat off and wash it before recoating it with another coat of primer for the best results on your finished product.

Another thing to remember when firing your glass snowflake project is that you shouldn’t expose it to room temperature too soon after firing it. It is important to let it cool down slowly in the kiln before bringing it out to cool off. Otherwise you risk damaging the project which means you may have to start over. When you shop for your glass fusing products at Jubilee Creative, you can find affordable prices and a full inventory ranging from COE96 Snowflakes to many other items that will help you let out your creativity.