Precut dichroic glass shapes are ideal for making a number of glass-based creations. But if you are just a beginner in the hobby of making creations from glass, you may not know what dichroic glass is all about. In general, dichroic glass contains several layers of oxides and metals which give it its colorful properties. It was created by NASA and some contractors who needed it to use.

Using precut dichroic glass shapes is easy to work with in many instances. For one thing, you can either tack it onto your existing glass project or you can work it into the glass that you are using in a current project. But before deciding on using your precut dichroic glass, you should be sure that it has the same COE as the other glass pieces in your creation for optimal appearance.

When firing your precut dichroic glass shapes in a kiln, the coating can be faced either up or down. But if it has a black backing, you will want to be sure that you fire it with the black side down so you will be able to see the dichroic. Also, remember that that firing up your project with the dichroic side up will give your piece a rough texture. If you fire it with the dicrhoic side down, you can expect a smoothed and finished project when it comes out of the kiln.

Another thing to remember is that you should always make sure the glass is clean before you put it into the kiln to fire it. If there are oils or smudges on your glass from your hands, it is going to show up on your glass. Those imperfections are going to show up on your piece and it could ruin the entire appearance of it.

Dichroic glass pieces can be used either by themselves or as accents on your project. You can fire it in the kiln like other fusible glasses as long as you don’t have two pieces of dichroic glass bumped up against each other. They will resist each other and they won’t blend together they way they should and it could end up ruining your project.

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