When doing glass painting projects, it is important to have all of your painting supplies on hand so you don’t have to stop in the middle of your project and order the supplies you need and wait for them to arrive before you can finish your project. At Jubilee Creative, you can find a wide variety of glass painting supplies that you can use and they are available at affordable prices, too!

The Relief Motif product for glass products and fixed ceramic products is ideal if you want to add a sense of texture or dimension to your latest glass painting project. This product is created and manufactured by Colors of Earth so you can purchase it and use it with total confidence. This is a lead-free product and it will not flatten when it is fused to the glass. It can be used on many types of glass and it is even food safe and it comes in a small 2-ounce jar so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a large container when you won’t be using much of it anyways.

The Colors for Earth painting outline tip kit is another great product you will find for your glass painting projects at Jubilee Creative. This product is ideal for those projects where fine lines are needed to help make it look like a professional has been involved with the project. It comes with two black tips for outlining, a syringe for holding the outlining paint, a one-ounce bottle of outlining paint, a cap and a tip cleaner.

You will also need paint supplies for other reasons. How will you mix the paint? You could use a makeshift stirrer to mix the glass paints that you use, but Jubilee Creative offers a paint spatula (often referred to as a palette knife) to help you mix the paints, mediums, pigments and other products together effectively and efficiently. This also helps you move the paint to the palette that you are using before you apply them to the glass surface of your project.

You can find these and many other paint supplies when you do your glass painting shopping at Jubilee Creative. We offer a wide variety of outlining tips, glass painting paint brushes and so much more to help you with each step of your project. Check out our variety today and get everything you need to get that project completed from start to finish.