White Glass Decals, flower patterns, music, style your glass ornaments

For your glass projects that are done in black or dark colors, white glass decals are ideal for giving those pieces an extra special touch. These are less common than the black decals, but they can be an important and special addition to any project that you are working on. Are you working on a

Precut Glass circles in various sizes and shapes; excellent prices!

Do you do a variety of glass projects? If so, you can save a lot of time by purchasing precut glass circles for your projects instead of trying to cut them yourself. At Jubilee Creative, you can find a variety of precut glass circles in various sizes and shapes to fit all kinds of projects

Black Glass Decals specials and awesome art

You can always add a special touch to your glass creations by adding some black glass decals to them to fit the theme or appearance that you are trying to achieve. Of course, you can always paint these designs on your glass projects, but putting glass black decals on your project will help you save

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