Featured Glass Heart Items

Valentine’s Day is an important day for many couples. They sit around for weeks in advance trying to think of the perfect gift to get for their significant other. Some individuals languish over getting something that is bought from the store or doing something that is already made while others want to make something themselves

How to Use Color for Earth Glass Colors Learning Guide

At Jubilee Creative, you will find a wide range of learning guides to help you with many of your glass projects. Our learning guides come with step by step instructions to help you make each project as special as you want it to be. Our “How to Use Color for Earth Glass Colors” leaning guides

Learning Guide: How to Make Glass Door Knobs

Making glass door knobs is a great way to give your home a vintage look. Glass door knobs have been around for several decades but you don’t see them in homes as much today as you did before. That’s why making them for some of the doors in your home can give it that added

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