Finding high quality opaque glass paint is easy to do when you shop for your glass crafting supplies at Jubilee Creative. Opaque glass paint allows you to paint your glass project or parts of your glass project that you don’t want to be transparent. And when you look for these glass painting products at Jubilee Creative, you can choose from more than two dozen colors to help you create the project that you really want.

The colors available include aqua splash, blush cabernet, cerulean, cobalt black, coral, burnt sienna and several others. With the popularity of glass painting and working with glass these days, you can find a lot of products designed to make your creativity come out so you can express your individuality and your interests. Opaque glass paint can help you accomplish those goals in several ways.

The opaque glass paints available at Jubilee Creative are non-toxic so you can use them for all of your projects without being concerned about the products affecting your health. They are made with lead-free materials and they are also eco-friendly. They come in 25-gram packages at affordable prices and they are in a powder form which produces an opaque glossy finish when mixed with a glass paint medium. You can do all types of projects from making personalized drinking glasses to creating artwork on a large piece of glass that you can display anywhere.

Before you begin using any opaque glass paints on your glass project, it is important to read the instructions first. Some paints may need an undercoat on your glass project in order for the paint to adhere to the surface, but this isn’t typical of most opaque glass paints. But knowing what it needs before you start your project can save you a lot of time and frustration during your creative process.

Generally, you do not need to have a specific brush for painting on glass. But knowing which brushes are best for your project’s needs will help you create the ideal finished product. For instance, brushes with natural bristles allow you to spread the paint better over a large surface for a smoother appearance. If you want more brushstrokes, however, brushes with synthetic bristles are ideal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should be careful to not the surface of the glass that you are working with. You can leave fingerprints, oils and dirt from your skin on the surface of the glass which can sabotage the appearance of the finished product. You may not even notice the problem until after you have fired the project in your kiln and by then it is too late to fix it. When working on your glass project, consider wearing a pair of latex or plastic gloves in order to avoid this problem. You should also be sure to clean your glass before you begin working on it and dry it with a soft cloth to maintain a clean and oil-free surface.

If you are working on a drinking glass project or something similar, it is also helpful to put some white tissue on the inside of the glass while you are working on it. This will allow you to see what the project looks like while you are working on it. It can help you decide your next step and it can let you see if you need to add more than one or two coats of paint depending on the look that you are going for.

One thing you should never do is mix your opaque glass paints with water. This will make the paint weak and more transparent. In addition to that, the water will reduce the paint’s ability to adhere to the glass which means that it may essentially slide right off the glass as fast as you can put it on. For best results, use the opaque glass paints as directed on the bottle. And when you wash out your paint brushes, always make sure you dry them thoroughly because even the little bit of water that is left on the brushes can cause a problem with your painting project.

Finally, you should have some type of design to refer to when doing your project. If you are going to personalize glasses or do something else that requires making letters or other designs, draw the design on paper first and then allow it to show through the glass so you can easily trace it without worrying about doing it freehand with the more permanent paint.

Using quality opaque glass paints is essential for giving your project a professional and clean appearance. You can find many colors that you need at Jubilee Creative and if you don’t find the color you need, you can always mix a couple colors to achieve the desired result. Check out our variety of colors today!