Have you ever wanted to create a truly unique glass creation? If so, the selection of opal art glass pieces available at Jubilee Creative can help you accomplish that goal. At Jubilee Creative, you will find a selection of opal art glass with fun designs that you will want to use in your next glass creation to give it a touch of uniqueness and part of your personality.

Opal glass, sometimes referred to as milk glass, has a long history in the glass creation hobby. In fact, opal glass dates all the way back to the 16th century in Venice. At that time, colors included yellow, black, blue, pink and other colors. For the white part in opal art glass, products like bone ash are added to achieve that look. Because of its classic and sophisticated look, you can make a variety of creations from using opal art glass. Some of these products include decorative lamps, costume jewelry, vases and even dinnerware. The possibilities are endless if you are skilled in using this type of glass.

You can find a variety of opal art glass at Jubilee Creative. Some of the colors you can find in our inventory include Blackberry Cream, Lagoon, Orchid, Sour Apple, Cascadia and others. Each of these opal art glass pieces have a swirly pattern that gives them a unique appearance that you are sure to love. The Blackberry Cream color combines shades of blue with shades of white while the Cascadia opal art glass has lighter blue shades combined with white. The Sour Apple and Lagoon pieces have shades of green swirled with white and the Orchid opal art glass has shades of purple in swirls.

The opal art glass available at Jubilee Creative is manufactured by the reputable Spectrum Glass Company. Each piece has a uniform thickness and it is one of the easiest types of glass pieces to work with on the market today. Pieces are available in two different sizes – 12 inches by 12 inches or 12 inches by 6 inches. When you shop at Jubilee Creative, you can find these opal art glass pieces and several other supplies that you need for all of your glass painting and fusing projects. Check out our full inventory of glass hobby products that you can use to let your creativity run wild. Our affordable prices and quality products make for great projects.