Aluminum Fusaic Bases

With springtime upon us, many hobbyists are turning their attention to beautifying their outdoor spaces and preparing for the summer grilling and entertaining season!  What better way to spruce up your outdoor space than by decorating it with a fusaic creation?  Jubilee Creative now offers an all-weather option for your creative delights in the form of our NEW Aluminum Fusaic Bases.

These aluminum bases are cut from 1/8” aluminum, and will not warp, shift or crack with seasonal changes like other project bases.  When used with a silicone adhesive, your mosaic or fusaic creation can withstand any weather Mother Nature can throw at it!  Simply rough the base with sandpaper first, then glue on your favorite fused pre-cut shapes or mosaic pieces!  We have a wide variety of bases to choose from, including a flower, butterfly, tree frog, lizard, dragonfly, martini glass, square and rectangle!

Create a psychedelic fused-glass garden by decorating several flower bases with pre-cut circles slump-fused with our new polka dots or rick rack.  To bring the calm of the ocean to your outdoor oasis, create a multi-panel beach scene using our square bases – create ocean waves by layering blue, white and navy rick rack, and create a scene of ocean life with our sea creatures pre-cut collection.  Decorate your outdoor bar with mosaic martini glasses in a variety of colors! However you choose to use them, you’re sure to love the versatility these new aluminum bases bring to outdoor glass projects, as you learn, create, and amaze with Jubilee Creative.