Making glass door knobs is a great way to give your home a vintage look. Glass door knobs have been around for several decades but you don’t see them in homes as much today as you did before. That’s why making them for some of the doors in your home can give it that added touch of class and sophistication. At Jubilee Creative you can find a learning guide that tells you step by step how to make glass door knobs.


Glass door knobs are a symbol of wartime shortages which makes them unique while offering a vintage appeal to any home. But they date back to the early 1800s when pressing molten glass into molds was possible through an innovation invention. They didn’t really catch on, however, until the United States got involved with World War I. At that time, the nation needed as much metal as it could get for creating planes, weapons and other things that were essential for fighting the way. But there was no shortage of sand which is used to make glass creations.


As a result of the metal shortage, glass door knobs were being melted down to be used for something more useful in the war efforts. Glass knobs became popular and even essential for many homeowners. Most of the glass door knobs of the era had between six and 12 facets. You could peer into the knob and see designs like a star, bullet and other small designs. This trend of glass door knobs continued through the 1940s with World War II also needing much of the brass and metal that Americans could provide for the war efforts, but it started to fizzle out in the 1950s with changes in taste in the architectural and hardware industries. Around that time, people started preferring metal door knobs once again, which is what you will find in nearly every home these days.


Making your own glass door knobs can be a fun project and it can give your home a vintage charm that you can’t find  in some of today’s newer homes. And you can find a learning guide at Jubilee Creative to help you start that project and bring it to completion. You can also find several products at Jubilee Creative to help you with your glass door knob project at competitive prices. Check them out today for all of your glass creativity needs.