Do you enjoy making your own homemade jewelry and then selling it to interested customers? This can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but finding the right supplies at the right price can be difficult. Fortunately, Jubilee Creative has a variety of jewelry findings that you can use in your creations to make them exactly the way you want them to look. With the following tips on places to display your jewelry, you can also increase your sales and your brand’s exposure.

One unique place to display your handmade jewelry creations is your local library. Many libraries have display cases that are ideal for showcasing the work and projects of local artists. Jewelry makers are considered artists so this would be an ideal to get local people to see what you have to sell. In most cases, all it takes is a simple phone call to the library and speaking to the head librarian. You may even have a better chance of getting your handmade jewelry displayed at the library if you use historic symbols, pieces and other thing that make it educational. Type up a card to place with your display that shows your name and anything that is unique or special about your particular designs.

Do you have a lot of hotels in your area? If you live in a big city or a tourist area, chances are that there are several lodging facilities. Many of these facilities have places where they can showcase your designs. Tourists often enjoy bringing home pieces that were created by local artisans so you can get nationwide exposure or even international exposure for your pieces.

Concert halls and cultural facilities are also ideal for displaying your jewelry creations and designs. Many foyers of these types of facilities have glass showcases where local artisans display their work from time to time. And since many people who visit concert halls and cultural facilities are typically wealthier, you can place your higher end products in these showcases and have higher expectations of selling them.

If you want to make your creations more attractive and special, you can purchase a variety of jewelry findings at Jubilee Creative. Noodles and stringers are some of the more popular jewelry creating products on our website and they are available in a wide variety of colors ranging from black opaque to sunflower yellow opaque and more. Check out the inventory today!