At Jubilee Creative, you will find a wide range of learning guides to help you with many of your glass projects. Our learning guides come with step by step instructions to help you make each project as special as you want it to be. Our “How to Use Color for Earth Glass Colors” leaning guides is one of the ones that you will want in your collection if you are a glass hobbyist. Some of the tips and suggestions you will find in this resource are listed below.


For one thing, the Colors for Earth glass paints are available in a powder formula. This formula mixes with GM300 Glass Color Medium to help make sure that the fired color will result in an opaque and glossy finish. You will also find that you can used the glass colors on nearly any type of glass.


In addition to that, you will also find instructions for using the glass colors in this learning guide. For instance, cleaning your glass before you start working with it is essential for your project turning out right. You should always wash your glass pieces with dish soap or rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry before you try to do anything with it. You can let it air dry or dry it with a lint-free towel or paper towel for best results. If you are using float glass, there are two sides to choose from but there is only one correct size. You can determine which is the working side where you  will apply your paint by putting some water on it and seeing how the water comes off. On one side, the water will bead. On the other side, the water will slide off. This is the side you want to work on. Once you have cleaned your glass, avoid touching it with your hands as the oils and dirt can cause your finished project to have streaks and other imperfections. Only handle it by the edges for best results in your finished project.


These are just a few things you will learn when you purchase the “How to Use Color for Earth Glass Colors” learning guide at Jubilee Creative. We have several affordable learning guides for you to choose from so even the beginner can get started on a new project right away. Check out Jubilee Creative’s variety of learning guides and start being creative today!