Fusible Precut Glass Egg Shapes


Spring has sprung and that means Easter is just a few short weeks away.  To celebrate this eggs-citing holiday, we’ve created a wide variety of pre-cut Easter eggs that are fun, colorful, and make a great project for adults and kids alike! Jubilee Creative has taken the mess and the guess work out of the egg-dying Easter tradition by expanding our beautiful egg pre-cut collection, available in COE 90 and COE 96.


We have expanded upon our original egg pre-cuts by increasing the size, variety, and mix-and-match options of our new group!  Using our new 3-piece pre-cuts, you can create a traditional dyed egg look without the mess!  We’ve even put together a beak and eyes set, so you can turn your creation into an adorable hatched egg.  With the newer three-piece design of these eggs, you mix and match your projects in a wide variety of combinations.


These Easter eggs are fun, bright, and can be used in almost any project!  Create a special Easter serving platter with a hatched-egg center, or use them to embellish a springtime wreath! Try making a necklace or a keepsake ornamental gift for a loved one — you can even personalize each egg by embellishing them with paint, frit, stringers, and more!


However you choose to use them, the Easter eggs are sure to be a crowd pleasing delight.  Check them out today to get a jump on Spring!