The end of summer is upon us, and here at Jubilee Creative, that means it’s time to start crafting our winter wonderland.  This year, we are very proud and excited to add a festive assortment of pre-cuts to our very merry and bright holiday collection.

A poinsettia pre-cut, elves’ boots, jingle bells, twisty ornaments, and the Star of David join our merry collection of trimmings, and are sure to bring tidings of good cheer to your holiday craft collection.

Our poinsettia is beautiful on its own as an ornament for a tree or garland, but why stop there?  The poinsettia really shines in a cookie or candy dish, and they can also be used to create festive candle shelters with our new Create-a-Curve mold.

The jingle bells come in gold and green, and make beautiful holiday jewelry, or can be used to accent a larger creation.  These jingle bells are a perfect project for the kids to get in on, and make great homemade gifts for family and friends.  Try decorating them with some metallic paint,  our new holiday polka dots, or frit to really make them unique.

Our twisty ornaments also come in a variety of colors, and are a perfect way to gift a yearly ornament to your nearest and dearest.  Make sure to pick up several so you can mix and match these festive ornaments, which are perfect for trimming your tree, creating centerpieces, or even some festive candle shelters.


Our Stars of David are small, delicate, and come in both blue and white.  These make lovely Hanukkah gifts for young and old.  Use these to complement your family menorah, gift them as fused jewelry, or help your children make a special night light celebrating the Festival of Lights.

Last, but certainly not least, our holiday elf boots are sure to put even the biggest of grinches in the holiday spirit!  These green boots come with either a white or red ‘fur’ cuff, but you should probably stock up on plenty of both just to be safe.  Again, these booties are a perfect family craft idea, and can be used for teachers’ gifts, grandparents, or as a fun stocking to hang on the tree!  Have each kid write their name on a stocking in fusible paint, or decorate with one of our many fusing elements to make them truly extraordinary.


Anyway you choose to use them, our new pre-cuts are sure to get you and yours into the holiday spirit!  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!