The art of fusing glass has picked up in popularity in recent years. With the beautiful creations and unique look, fused glass can get your imagination going and you can impress your friends with the one of a kind masterpieces that you make. At Jubilee Creative, there are many products available that can help you with your glass fusing hobby.

Whether you are a beginning glass fuser or one that has been doing it for several years, you can get some great ideas along with some tips and techniques in one of the books that are available on the website. One of the more popular options – The Art of Fusing: Pictures in Glass – combines a number of techniques and aspects of glass fusing to help your creations look more real. For beginners, the front of the book has a number of projects that are simple to do so you can get started making magnificent glass creations right away and learn the techniques associated with it. For experts, the projects get more difficult as you get farther into the book. You can make glass fusing creations like miniature dragonflies, seagulls on pilings, hanging grapes, sunflower fields, miniature flowers and so much more.

The Beginning Fusing and Beyond book includes 20 projects in various skill levels so it is ideal regardless of how long you have been fusing glass. Choose from a variety of cool creations including stamping, wind chimes, bracelets, clocks and more. The book offers step by step instructions on how to do each project so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do because the book spells it all out for you. There are also pictures to help you along the way so you know you are on the right track with your project.

In addition to books, Jubilee Creative also offers a variety of supplies for the glass fusing enthusiast. Choose from black opaque chips, blue opaque chips, clear chips and many other options to help you create the project you want to create. You can also find a wide variety of frits in various colors and glass paints as well. It is all there for you in one online resource.

With glass fusing becoming so popular, now is the time to get it on this new and exciting hobby. It’s easy to find everything you need and you can probably find local classes to help you work with others who are interested in this fun hobby as well.