When you are working with glass, there are many tools that you need to have on hand to create the best looking projects. If you try to use tools for purposes other than what they were intended for, you can mess up your project or even risk injury to yourself. At Jubilee Creative, you can get a wide variety of tools so you can make creative and unique creations that showcase your imagination and your personality.

Molds are some of the most important tools that you can have in your glass working hobby area. Molds make it easy for you to create glass creations in different shapes quickly and easily. You can find materials on Jubilee Creative so you can make your own molds for truly unique creations or you can find premade molds for more basic creations that you can decorate and personalize to make them extra special.

Cutting tools are also important when working with fused glass and glass materials. Cutting glass can be a delicate process that, if done incorrectly, can damage your entire project. Some of the cutting tools that you should have in your arsenal include spring cutters, glass nippers, carbide wheel tools and other things that make glass working easier to do.

Kiln gloves are essential for working with glass. Most glass creations need to be fired up in a kiln to help shape them and give them that finished look. But since kilns can heat up to more than 1000 degrees, you could burn yourself seriously if you don’t have protective gloves when you are working with the kiln. You should also have protective glasses made specifically for working near a kiln because the heat and light emitted from the inside of the kiln can damage your eyes if you are not careful. Kevlar sleeves are also essential to protect the skin on your arms.

Holding tools are also helpful for protecting yourself when working with kilns and fired projects. Kiln gloves may be helpful to a certain point, but grabbing projects in the kiln is not always the best idea. If you have tongs and other holding tools, you can reach into the kiln without worrying about burning yourself in the process.

At Jubilee Creative, you can find a wide variety of glass working tools that are designed to make your projects easier and safer. Check out entire inventory to find out how you can work safer today!