Things are getting spotty here at Jubilee Creative with one of our most versatile new design elements, Fusible Polka Dots! These adorable, decorative dots are similar to our COE 96 fusible pebbles but at 1/4” to 3/8” in diameter, are much smaller and are available in COE 90 and COE 96. They come in more than a dozen different colors to suit each and every project you can dream up.

Fusible Polka Dots are an excellent addition to any project. They are great as an accent, border, or to create a “pointillist” effect in any main project. Create an out of this world dish using our starburst slump plate – concentrate polka dots in the center, then use them sparingly towards the edges to create a fading effect. A similar effect can be obtained with our circular swirl pattern plate as well!

While our fusible Polka Dots love to be the center of attention, they are the perfect supporting element for a variety of projects as well. Use them on an outdoor lizard or tree frog to decorate your new garden, or on a group of multicolored ladybugs. Polka Dots naturally create beautiful borders, whether tack, full or slump fused, as well. Try implementing them in alternating color groupings in your next panel or plate project.

As with many of our fusible design elements, Polka Dots will also make a extraordinary, dimensional addition to your next pendant or earrings. Try tack fusing them with any of our 5-petal flower pre-cuts to create far out earrings, or simply use them to spruce up some of our smaller circle pre-cuts. However you choose to use them, you’re sure to be delighted by this versatile new offering from Jubilee Creative, where you can Learn, Create, and Amaze!