Precut Fusible Glass Flowers

With retro styles creeping back into mainstream fashion, it’s time to get groovy with Jubilee Creative and our newest collection of fusible flowers – our flower power stackable pre-cuts available in COE90 and COE96!  These cute and versatile 5-petal flowers come in 4 colors and 3 sizes, and are made to be stacked together to create a retro layered look!  Try contour fusing different color combinations to use on everything from jewelry to a Fusaic™ mirror project!  

The 1 3/8” is the perfect large base for a layered pendant, and the medium (1 1/4”) and small (1”) ones make fantastic earrings.  Either tack fuse the flowers end-to-end to create dazzling dangling earrings, or stack them and contour fuse for a fantastic multi-dimensional flower!  These flowers also make the perfect accent for a multitude of projects, from incorporating them into a fused candy dish, to using them in a fused-mosaic mirror, flower pot, or photo frame. 

The flower power stackable pre cuts also can be embellished with fusible paint or decals.  Try creating a tie-dye effect with a variety of our Colors for Earth opaque glass paint, or opt to decorate your pendant with one of our fusible glass decals which are sure to create a beautiful effect.  Use these Flower Power stackable pre-cuts to keep on truckin’ with Jubilee Creative, where you can learn, create and amaze!