When fusing glass during your glass projects, there are some problems that can slow down your progress or ruin your creation all together. Here are some of the problems you may encounter either as a beginner or an experienced glass fusing specialist and how to solve or avoid those problems.

Bowed glass is a common problem when working with glass. If you aren’t careful, bowing glass can break and cause you to have to start your project over from the beginning. One of the reasons for bowing glass is a drafty kiln. If you find that your kiln is drafty, plug up the source of the draft and fire your project again. Always be sure to warm up the kiln slowly for best results.

Bubbles in your glass project is another common problem. There are many situations which can cause bubbles. One of the common problems is uneven stacking. If you don’t stack your glass evenly when fusing it together, air can get trapped between the layers which will cause bubbles. Before you fuse the glass pieces together, check the placement of the pieces. A simple way to reduce the chance of bubbles in your glass creation is to hold the kiln temperature at about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes. This will help the glass pieces distribute evenly. This will also help the center of the piece heat up as much as the edges which will help prevent air bubbles from forming.

Bubbles can also be caused during the slumping process if the hole in the slumping mold is not plugged up with kiln wash. When this happens, there is air trapped in the project which creates a bubble between the mold and the glass. Oftentimes, bubbles are already present in the glass pieces that you are using, too. Before using a piece of glass to add to your creation, check for air bubbles. You may not be able to find glass pieces that are completely free of air bubbles, but you can find pieces where there are fewer bubbles and less noticeable bubbles that you can use in your fusing project.

Using the proper fusing supplies is a great way to help prevent air bubbles in your glass projects. At Jubilee Creative, you can find all of the best fusing supplies to add to your hobbyist toolbox so your glass creations can come out looking excellent.