Fusible Precut Glass Celtic Designs


Winter is lagging on, cold and dreary … but here at Jubilee Creative, we are looking past the snow to the land of shamrocks and green rolling hills as a sign that spring is just around the corner!  To pretty celebrate the upcoming festival of St. Patrick’s Day, things have been getting green and lucky around here!

Fueled by this Irish inspiration, we recently released several pre-cuts intended to bring you luck in 2014!  Our lucky horseshoes, available in iridized amber or opaque gray are versatile for a number of uses and have the added benefit of warding off evil spirits.  These shoes will make a great border for a mirror to hang near your doorway, or can be used to make beautiful jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets.

For those who prefer a more traditional, old world feel, check out our newest Celtic knot.  Made in the traditional never-ending style that made Celtic knots famous, these beautifully simple pre-cuts can add a touch of Irish culture and beauty to your next project.  Add them to the border of a cheese tray or a serving platter for your corned beef and cabbage, or turn them into a special piece of jewelry for the Irish lad or lass in your life.  These knots come in white opaque and green translucent and can be layered to create a spectacular pendant.  Decorate with frit, gold paint, or even one of our beautiful fusible decals to really make them pop!

These Celtic knots and lucky horseshoes are available in both COE 90 and 96, so however you choose to use them and fuse them, they are sure to bring you joy and luck in the New Year!