Dicro Slide Dichroic Paper Learning Guide: How to Use Dicro Slide

Now you can turn any piece of fusible glass into beautiful, dimensional Dichroic glass simply and easily!  Jubilee Creative now introduces Dicro Slide in 9 color combinations.  Dicro Slide is an innovative addition to Jubilee Creative, and is real Dichroic on paper sheets, allowing you to fuse it to any glass!  Dicro Slide has no COE, so it works great with all types of glass and even glazed ceramics! Though Dicro Slide works well uncapped, like all Dichroic it will not fuse to itself or other metal. 

These paper-thin Slides easily bond to fusible glass to make a one-of-a-kind creation.  Mix and match the Dicro Slide to create a shimmering pattern, or use one Slide to cover a pendant cut-out.  Each Dicro Slide is 2″ x 2″ square and includes easy to follow directions for use.  Check out these project ideas to get some spectacular inspiration:

  • Use a hole punch to create Dichroic polka dots, then create a dot pattern or border over a pendant.
  • Arrange several full sheets of Dicro Slide in a checkerboard pattern to make a fun new plate or platter.
  • Use Dicro Slide with decals!  Fuse the cyan/copper Dicro Slide to a pendant and cap, then fuse an island scene from our new Paradise enamel decal to create the illusion of an island sunset!
  • Cut out a swirl or scroll pattern to fuse in the middle of a large circle, then slump fuse to make a beautiful Dichroic accented bowl.
  • Dicro Slide and our all over black decal can also be cut into shapes and lettering with a Circuit cutting machine.  This is a great way to scrapbook with glass!

You’re sure to be pleased with the price, selection and versatility of the newest addition to Jubilee Creative’s online store.  Check back next time for more product features and project ideas!