If you are searching for a high quality glass paint kit at an affordable price, the Colors for Earth glass paint kit at Jubilee Creative may be the ideal option for you. This glass paint kit is non-toxic and made from lead-free materials so you can purchase this kit with complete confidence in its safety.

This particular Colors for Earth glass paint kit contains a wide variety of supplies and colors so it will be the only kit you will need for most of those projects that you are working on. For one thing, the outline tip brush is a small brush that you can use to outline your project. This will help you add color without making the finished project look sloppy or amateurish. Also included with this kit is a liner paint brush and a paint spatula. The sponge and plastic paint tray are also ideal for holding the paint you are using in an easily accessible way and also for sponging the paint on your project for a unique look.

The Colors for Earth glass paint kit also includes a wide variety of colors. There are 17 colors in all including bright violet, leaf green, matte black outline, laurel green, burnt sienna, sapphire blue, powder blue, cerulean, rosewater pink, key lime and several others. With all of these choices in color, you are sure to be able to do most of the glass painting projects that are on your mind.

The paints in this kit come in a powder formula that you then mix with a glass paint medium, which is also included with the kit. This creates an opaque finish that is also glossy so your project will look good for sure. You can use Colors of Earth glass paint kit for most types of glass projects and depending on the look you are going for and your skill level, you can brush, sponge, spray or apply your paint with a pen. You can even sift the dry color over your class project for a truly unique effect on your project. For a vibrant look, fire these paints to a temperature between 1450 and 1480. Lower temperatures are fine but they won’t look as vibrant as the higher temperature.

At Jubilee Creative, you can find a wide variety of glass paint kits that you can use for your latest projects. Check out the variety today!