With all the colorful flowers and trees in bloom this spring, we have drawn some inspiration and are introducing several new colorful additions and projects to our collection!  While everyone was hopefully basking in the beautiful springtime weather this weekend, we were hard at work rolling out new colors for our Crayon Pre-Cuts, magnets, noodles, stringers, and more!

crayon magnets


red stringers

We have four new opaque colors in our COE 90 and COE 96 Crayon Pre-Cuts.  This design is perfect for kids- gather your little ones around the craft table and let them “color” their own picture with frit, noodles, or stringers.  These can also be personalized with fusible paint and decals, so they are the perfect addition to your fridge, kid art gallery, or even a chore wheel!

Our new magnets are perfect to turn these crayons and other projects into magnetic art that has real staying power. Manufactured from neodymium, this Rare Earth magnet is highly resistant to demagnetization, so you can hang your glass or ceramic projects on a metallic surface with confidence! Another great draw is the size – the neodymium magnet is only 1/6″ thick and 5/16″ in diameter, so it will be a subtle addition that leaves the focus on your artwork, all while giving you ten times the magnetic power of ceramic magnets. Of course, something so strong must be handled with care and should be kept away from small children, see our care instructions here for more information and tips!

We have also expanded our collection of COE 90 Noodles and Stringers to include 16 bright and bold colors in both opaque and transparent glass.  Noodles and stringers always make great design elements to establish lines, borders, and overlaps.  Our wider range of colors still come in packs of approximately 40 stringers and 10 noodles, each about 9 1/2 inches long.  We also have variety packs and smaller bits available for those who like to have a plethora of options.

Finally, we’ve brought together our new products in a great new project that makes a perfect (and easy) gift. Our Fused Crayon Box Plaque is a great way to thank an outstanding teacher, student, or day care provider, and it can be used in a variety of ways around the house, the playroom, or the classroom.  Our guide comes with detailed instructions and patterns, so this project is as easy as it is cute! It can be personalized and adapted in a variety of ways to fit your own tastes and personality, just like all of our other project guides. Check it out today and get a jump on your next Spring project!

crayon box project