If you like to work with glass and make unique and creative projects, one of the supplies that you should have on hand is the COE96 glass rods. These glass rods can help you give your glass creations those finishing touches that will make the project stand out and look spectacular.

At Jubilee Creative, you can find a wide variety of COE96 glass rods. Whether you are looking for opaque glass rods or translucent glass rods, you can find what you are looking for in a wide selection of colors as well. Glass rods are ideal for making beads, using in the kiln and much more. And when you shop for your COE96 glass rods at Jubilee Creative, you will find affordable prices. These glass rods measure at least nine inches and they have a diameter measuring between 5 and 6mm. These products are ideal additions to your glass working toolbox whether you specialize in glass blowing, fusing, casting and more.

When you purchase these COE96 glass rods, you can have complete confidence in this product. They are machine pulled and completely tested for compatibility. Because of the rigorous tests that they go through, these are straighter and consistently more round than most other glass rods on the market from other companies. Some of the colors that you can choose from at Jubilee Creative include black, green, almond, lilac, orange, plum, yellow and several others so there is definitely something that you can use in your next glass project.

There are many uses for glass rods if you are a glass hobbyist. If you are experienced with flame working, you can make glass stringers out of the glass rods that you have in your stock. Stringers are typically skinnier than rods and they are ideal for some of the finer touches to your glass project. You can also use glass rods to make dots on your project or for making lines and edges on your project.

Whether you are working with glass rods or any other type of glass project, staying safe is always the first priority. Always remember to wear safety goggles when working with glass in order to protect your eyes. You should also use proper precautions if you plan on firing up your projects in the kiln. You can get all the safety supplies you need for your projects at Jubilee Creative as well. Check out the inventory today!