Glass pebbles can add a touch of color to nearly any glass related project. Many people use COE96 glass pebbles in their wedding reception centerpieces and other creations where they want an easy way to make a colorful creation. And at Jubilee Creative, you can find a wide variety of COE96 glass pebbles that you can use in a variety of ways for your glass masterpieces.

One of the more common uses for glass pebbles is to use them in mosaics. You can melt them down and combine them together to create a one of a kind project that is as colorful or as subtle as you want it to be. If this sounds like a project that you would like to try to do, the first thing you will need to do is create a pattern. Many glass pebbles mosaics are made inside picture frames to give the project extra stability and a finished look. As such, your pattern should be reversed so you can place it on the backside of your project when reproducing it. If it’s not reversed when you are working on it, any words, numbers or symbols may come out backwards which can ruin your entire project.

The next thing to do is to choose the appropriate sized glass pebbles to work into your project. When you purchase your COE96 glass pebbles through Jubilee Creative, you will typically get 25 pieces in a single package. These pieces measure about 12.7mm in diameter but some will measure smaller while others will measure larger. So you can choose the ones that will fit into the space you are working with. Set the pieces aside so you have easy access to them but they are also out of your way as you work on your project.

Your next step is to cut shelving paper that measures about one inch larger than your pattern on all sides. Tape this shelving paper face down on the clear side of the shelving paper. Remove the adhesive layer from the other side of the shelving paper so you can see your pattern clearly through the exposed shelving paper.

Next, use a pair of tweezers to move your pieces of the small glass pebbles to the glass surface. Clean the glass panel and then apply a layer of silicon glue to the surface of the project. The glued side of the panel should then be pressed firmly onto the pattern.

Waiting for the glue to dry on the project may seem like the longest step, but it is essential for making it look like a professional piece. If there are pieces that come loose, simply glue them to the proper area and allow the project to dry again.

The next step is to mix water and grout together until it has a dough-like consistency. Once it has this consistency, it is ready to apply to the stained glass project. Wear a pair of protective gloves to avoid cutting your hand and then press the grout into the small cracks that are between the pieces of glass. Remove any excess grout if possible.

The final step is to allow the grout to dry and then place the finished mosaic project into the picture frame.

When doing these types of projects with glass pebbles, it is important to use silicon glue. Many hobbyists have found that white glue, although it is supposed to dry clear, sometimes dries white. This can create a problem if white is not part of your project’s color scheme. Also, in some cases you may be able to used colored pencils in some of the smaller gaps of your colored glass pattern.

When you are preparing for any of your glass projects, you can find all of the supplies and materials that you need at Jubilee Creative. Our website has a dedication to customer satisfaction so we will do everything we can to make sure our customers are happy with the products and the services that we provide. In addition to that, we provide affordable prices on the glass hobby materials that we sell and we have a variety, too. In the COE96 glass pebbles category, there are several colors to choose from, including black opaque, green opaque, blue translucent, clear, grape translucent, mixed colors and several others. These quality glass pebbles are manufactured by the Spectrum Glass Company which is one of the recognized leaders in manufacturing glass materials hobbyists and crafters. These glass pebbles come with a flat bottom and rounded tops which helps with their clarity and color. This also makes them easier to cut for use in a variety of projects.

You can’t go wrong with Jubilee Creative if you are a glass crafter or hobbyist. Get all your supplies today so you can start working on that next masterpiece right away.