At Jubilee Creative, you will find a huge selection of glass tools and supplies that you need for all of your glass projects. COE96 glass chips are just one of the supplies you will find and you can find a variety of colors to fit the needs and aesthetics of any project. You can find both opaque and translucent glass chips ranging in colors including black, blue, clear, red, green, amber, moss green and more.

When you purchase your COE96 glass chips at Jubilee Creative, you will get a package that includes about 80 squares that measure about a half inch. These glass chips can be fused together to create beautiful glass projects and they are also easy to nip so you can get the perfect size that you are looking for. And if you nip them at the right angle, you can make these glass chips into triangles if that fits your project better.

The COE96 glass chips that are available at Jubilee Creative have been manufactured by Spectrum Glass, one of the premier glass manufacturers in the country. As such, you can expect high quality materials when you purchase these products.

One of the main things that people use glass chips for is for making stained glass projects. Stained glass is one of the more creative and exciting projects that you can create because the possibilities are simply endless. If you enjoy making gifts for people, your glass hobby can be a great benefit to you. And with COE96 glass chips, you can create some great gifts. Have you ever thought about making a set of coasters for a friend or family member? There are many ideas you can use if you want to make coasters for someone. Do they have a favorite professional team like the New York Yankees, Anaheim Angles or Detroit Tigers? You can make a set of coasters by using their favorite team’s colors if you are just a beginner in working with glass chips. If you are more experienced, you may be able to make a mosaic of their favorite team’s logo and incorporate that into the coasters as well.

In addition to professional teams, you can do other themes as well. Do you want to have a seasonal theme? Christmas is a great time to make gifts for people and you can make your coasters have a holiday theme that anyone can appreciate. You can use holiday symbols like Christmas trees, Bethlehem stars and more.

Mosaics are another great thing you can do with COE96 glass chips. When creating mosaics, you can either have a pattern that you are going by or you can simply create some freestyle designs. It always helps, however, to have an idea of your pattern so you can at least have a shape that you can work with. Creating a mosaic pattern is an ideal way to give some of those things in your home a renewed and refreshed appearance. Does that bathroom mirror look drab and old? Create a mosaic design around the edges of the mirror to make it stand out. Do some of your picture frames need to be updated? Use your COE96 glass chips to create a mosaic pattern over those frames so you can give them a more modern appearance as well.

When doing mosaic patterns, safety is an important factor. Always wear safety goggles when working with COE96 glass chips and making mosaics because you will inevitably have to “snip” or cut those glass chips to the ideal size to fit in various parts of the pattern. For extra safety, place a damp rag or washcloth over your clippers when you are cutting the small piece of glass. This will make the pieces fall straight down to your work surface rather than having the chance of the small shards flying toward your face or eyes.

When placing your COE96 glass chips into place on your mosaic, use a heavy duty glue that is designed for this type of project. Many beginners use super glue thinking that it will hold the best. While this may be true, a glue meant for glass mosaic projects is ideal because it will allow you to move the pieces around until you get them exactly where you want them to be. Once it dries, however, it will hold your pieces in place indefinitely. You can find this type of glue and other types when you shop at Jubilee Creative for all of your COE96 glass chips and mosaic crafting needs.

Jubilee Creative has a team of employees who are ready to help you find all of the supplies and tools you need for any glass project that you are planning to do. With our years of experience and willingness to help beginners and experts, you simply can’t go wrong by searching our inventory for the supplies that you need.