Using glass bubble paints can be a fun and exciting experience. Whether you have been working with glass art for many years or just starting out, BubbleART glass paints can help you get that finished look that you are going for with your latest project.

When you shop for your BubbleART glass paints at Jubilee Creative, you will find a wide selection of colors to choose from. Some of the colors include aqua, burgundy, cerulean blue, sapphire blue, deep cerulean blue, laurel green and several others. One of the best things about these BubbleART glass paints is that they are completely free of lead and non-toxic so you can work with them on a daily basis without worrying about exposing yourself to chemicals or substances that could cause harm to you. In addition, these glass paints are eco-friendly so you can use them with complete confidence.

The BubbleART glass paints at Jubilee Creative come in one-ounce jars and they are transparent so you can fuse them between two other layers of glass if you are trying to create bubbles in your project. But there are many ways of creating bubbles  and bubble designs when using these BubbleArt glass paints. One thing you can do is to use a liner brush for painting lines on your glass project. If you leave some space between the lines, you can create an entire line of bubbles. If you have a larger area where you use the bubble glass paints, you can create bubbles all over the area. You can also put dots of color in areas of your project if you want to create small collections of bubbles fused between two other pieces of glass.

In addition to fusing the BubbleART glass paints between two pieces of glass on your project, you can also use these products on top of glass. When you use these particular glass paints on top of glass and you fire it up in a kiln, the paint will leave a textured appearance and you can also feel the texture when you touch it. Some of the BubbleART glass paint colors will be more transparent than others depending on the darkness of the color.

When you are going to use BubbleART glass paints, there are several things to keep in mind for a successful project. For one thing, it is important to clean both sides of the glass before you begin your project. This will remove any dirt and oils from the glass for maximum effectiveness. Rinse the piece of glass off very well and then dry it with a soft rag or paper towels. After doing this, you should only handle the glass by touching the edges. This will help keep the oil from your skin from getting on the glass after you’ve cleaned it. It will also prevent any fingerprints from showing up on your completed project which can ruin the overall appearance.

Once you begin, a palette knife will be a helpful tool for applying your BubbleART glass paints. Using a palette knife allows you to put a small amount of color on your project so you can work on detailed areas. Next, add some BubbleART glass paints and mix to the desired color and consistency with your palette knife or your brush. You can get several colors at Jubilee Creative and then mix them together until you come up with the colors that are perfect for your project. Be sure to mix small amounts at a time so you don’t end up wasting a lot of pant that you will never use. After all, any paint that is left over for awhile will not produce bubbles so there is no reason to keep it anyways.

When applying color using your BubbleART glass paints, it’s best to use a soft liner brush. Always start in the center of the outline that you have drawn on your glass project and work the paint out from the center to the outline for best results. Every so often, you can lift up your project and look at it to see if you have given it even coverage and you have not gone over the outline.

Glass painting is easily becoming one of the most popular crafts for people who enjoy making their own gifts and just being creative. Many people make personalized drinking glasses, ornaments, vases and much more with their BubbleART glass paints and other Jubilee Creative products. Some people even have their own business in which they paint windows for other businesses to help them get noticed and to give their storefront a flair that typical signs simply do not provide. And because of its popularity, you can often find classes in your local area that provide you with the knowledge you need to start a glass painting project right away!