You can always add a special touch to your glass creations by adding some black glass decals to them
to fit the theme or appearance that you are trying to achieve. Of course, you can always paint these designs on your glass projects, but putting glass black decals on your project will help you save time and it will give your pieces a finished look.

At Jubilee Creative, you can find a full line of glass black decals to choose from. For instance, you can get a full sheet of butterfly glass decals that you can use on a variety of projects. Do you want to give your project a springtime theme? If so, butterflies are the ideal way to do that. But butterflies also symbolize development – either spiritually, physically and other ways. If you want to give your project a spiritual or symbolic theme, adding butterfly black glass decals is a perfect way to do that.

For something more traditional, Jubilee Creative offers a full sheet of black glass decals which depict a variety of family time events. One depicts a girl jumping rope while another depicts a mom and dad walking down a path with their little child between them. There are seven other family scenes on the sheet so there is sure to be something to match the theme that you are trying to achieve.

For simply adding another touch of decoration to your project, you can choose the paisley pattern of black glass decals. This sheet has a variety of paisley creations that can add a special touch to a variety of your projects. Or if you are interested in the Southwest type of décor, Jubilee Creative has a sheet of Southwest-themed black glass decals that you can add to your project.

All of the black glass decals sold at Jubilee Creative can fit onto a one inch or 1.5 inch surface so they can even go on your small projects like jewelry, pendants and other pieces. The decals are made from lead-free enamel that you can use on fused glass and ceramic projects. You can fire these up on your project in a kiln at a range between 1140 and 1350 degrees. You can expect the best prices and products when you do your craft shopping at Jubilee Creative. Shop for these and other black glass decals that you can use today while your creative juices are flowing.