Swing for the fences with our new baseball themed offerings at Jubilee Creative!

If you’re like me, the only thing pulling you through the long winter was the promise of baseball season – sunshine, peanuts, and nine glorious innings of America’s past time. Well this week officially kicked off the 2016 season, and Jubilee Creative is ready to celebrate!



Today we rolled out a new collection of products and a new Project Guide sure to get you and the sports fans in your life ready to round the bases!  We are very excited to introduce our new aluminum baseball bat findings, available now in Silver or Red.  These bats are the perfect complement to our Baseball Windchime project, and have a small hole through the handle so you can string them together.  These bats are 4″ long and taper from 1/2″ to 3/8″ from tip to base.

We also have fusible precut white baseball bats, available in both COE 90 and COE 96. These bats are available in white only, so you can customize it with our wide variety of paint, frit, decals, and other design elements. The bat is versatile and will go well in a wide variety of projects, so be sure to get yours soon.


We are also very excited to introduce our newest Project Guide, a Cardinal Baseball Windchime!  This new project is perfect for the baseball fan in your life, and features several of our newest offerings, including our COE 96 Red Translucent Cardinal Precut, fusible precut bats, and new aluminum bat.  Like all of our free project guides, the project is easy to follow and can be modified to reflect your favorite team, mascot, or tastes. Try mixing things up by painting on your favorite team logo using our Colors of the Earth paints – see the in-depth learning guide here for more guidance.  This project makes a great addition to your home, inside or out, and is a perfect gift for the sports fan or ball player in your life.

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