Do you enjoy making sterling silver pendants and other pieces of jewelry? If so, Jubilee Creative has the products that you should add to your box of materials. At Jubilee Creative, you can find antique silver art bails to give your latest jewelry creations a unique appearance and a durable strength. As such, your silver-related projects can be great to make for gifts or for yourself to enjoy. You can also make a business out of selling your latest creations and turn your hobby into a profitable venture.

At Jubilee Creative, you can find a variety pack of antique silver bails that you can use to give your piece a unique look that stands out from the rest. This variety pack includes five different antique silver bails that are sure to be a great addition to the jewelry  maker’s tool box. The Moroccan silver bail has an overall length of about 31.5mmm and a height of about 16.6mmm. The inner height of the Moroccan silver bail is nearly 13mm and the width measures about 11mm.

In addition to the Moroccan antique silver bails, there is a studded and a fluted silver bail. Each of these pieces measure 27mm for their overall length and a height of just over 12mm. The inner height of each of these antique silver bails is about 10.5mm and the width measure 8mm. The thatch and heart bails are also included in this variety pack of antique silver jewelry bails. These two pieces have an overall length of about 28mm and a height of 13mm.

You can find these antique silver bails when you shop at Jubilee Creative. But there are many other essentials that go along with this product that you can find as well. Are you just a beginner hobbyist that has just started working with jewelry? You can find a variety of books and beginner’s guides at Jubilee Creative to help you get started with your hobby and keep you interested with challenging projects. You can also find other kinds of antique bails to work with, including gold art bails, brass art bails and other materials that you will need to give your project the finished look that you want it to have. Search through the inventory at Jubilee Creative to find everything you need for those projects you have been thinking about doing. Our affordable prices and quality materials are the perfect combination for any hobbyist.