You have probably heard of aventurine glass and not even realized it. That’s because aventurine glass goes by many different names. Some people call it goldstone. Others refer to it as monkstone or Stellaria. Whatever you call it, though, aventurine glass has a stunning and unique appearance and texture.

The history of aventurine glass goes all the way back to the middle of the 17th century. At that time, a family of glassmakers – the Miottis – from Italy created an iridescent glass that became popular in many areas. The Miottis held their secret of how to create this glass very tightly and for some time, they even had exclusive rights for producing aventurine glass.

When the secret was revealed, it showed that aventurine glass was created by combining copper salts. The glass was melted, cooled and then the copper salts would be clumped together which made a shiny appearance on the glass that appeared like it had gold flecks in it. Due to the minerals, the glass would also appear to have a color to it. The most common colors of aventurine glass are blue, green and a rich brown color.

The price of aventurine glass dropped when one of the Miotti family widows revealed the secrets of how to make this glass during the early 19th century. As a result of this, production of aventurine glass increased dramatically and the techniques were also improved. As with many products where a secret to their production and creation is involved, people began creating myths and legends about aventurine glass and how the Miotti family made it. Many people believed that there was magic involved while others believed the secret passed down through a secret order of monks.

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